Gallows and Pedistals

Don’t be so
That gallow
is no pedistal.
He picked you
for a reason.
And he’s
Not in the habit
Of letting go.


Fate Fell Short

He asks if I feel guilty.
Consequently suggesting,
It’s a byproduct of the hatred
I’ve been swallowing
Now daily.
And I’m drawn back
To the weight sitting on my chest
Heaving mightily
This bubble like
Stress induced
It catches my breath so steadily.
As it begins to eat the rest of me.
But I can’t help thinking
Of his feet swaying.
And it hurt me more than he was hurting
To see him hanging.
He was careless
To anticipate a forgiveness
When his actions were
Poorly forged to dismiss
his attendance.
And the consequences
Of his own choices
Were passed down to me.
Left too irrelevant
To change a thing.
To say fate rules our lives,
Is to say fate fell short that night.

An introduction

My name is Alex. Hence the blog title. I’m 20 years old and currently stationed on a naval base in San Diego. For more than half of my life I have turned to writing to maintain my sanity. But lately I’ve noticed that It’s getting harder and harder to put my thoughts and feelings into words, spoken or written. I’ve also noticed that I no longer put any effort into writing. I decided to start a new blog and give myself writing goals. Mainly to post daily. Whether its a poem or a rant. I promised myself that I wouldnt lose myself when I joined the military, and lately I’ve realized I’ve done just that.

So here is finding one’s self.