I was laying awake in bed-

in our bed.

And I couldnt help but think

and the thinking made me think…

maybe this is the first time I’ve been awake

in a year.

Our year.

The weight of this room

OUR room was pressing on my chest

because I cant seem to tell where

your life ends and my life begins.

And maybe that wouldnt be so bad..

two paths intertwining-

our paths..

Except you carry a whole world separate

safely in your pocket..

And I dont think I trust it.

And all we have to ourselves

is this room.

And all I have for myself

is this room.

And what happens when this room

becomes a house.

Our house.

And that house is all we have to ourselves.

And that house is all I have for myself.


you have that world separate

safely in your pocket….