Relationships is the name.

But I’m not here to start talking shit-

or start playing games.

This is nothing like making a move in chess..

Or jumping on a checkerboard.

Its nothing like drawing-

a straight line in tic-tac-toe,

or connect four,

listen up so i can stress more.

How can a person divide the two,

between the love someone’s got for you-

and what they’ve always wanted to do.

Making them choose-

between their clear grasp on their career path;

and the love they’ve always had for you

from years past.

“Shit is getting crazy, right?”

So crazy that the person you love,

will keep you close not to hold or to console you..

But to break you down and mold you.

Making sure you do everything they want you to do,

to control you.

But thats what “hoes” do.

So in other words..

Excuse my french; but fuck what they told you.

‘Cuz thats not what love is.

But some people dont think love exists.

But if love doesnt exist..

Then everything you felt in your heart,

from your first kiss to past relationships is a myth.

Now would you believe this?

Because, its something I cant abide with.

For y’all non-believers, I would say try this.

I mean open your heart

and simply reach for the stars.

Not for the jewelry and cars..

I’m talking about letting someone in,

cuz that right there, is where it all starts.

Its called a “Relationship”.

So once you find someone to have a relation with,

your hearts can take a trip-

nine months later come back having to find someone to babysit.

Now thats a little comic relief indeed.

But thats why laughter is key,

and why we love so deeply, and live so free.

-Tahj LaMon Vines




I am a creature whose legs belong to the sea.
Ours is the population that does not sleep.
We special order the bags under our eyes
Custom made to diminish outside lives.

I am a creature whose legs belong to the sea.
Ours is the population with too thick skin.
We own that there is hate in our heart,
And blame the salt corroding that part.

I am a creature whose legs belong to the sea. 
Ours is the population taught when to speak.
We maintain the preapproved mindset,
But on the way out, forget to thank the government.


I do not fill this body.
These too long legs,
and spindly arms.
I am tucked neatly away
Occupying the space
Around my brain.
This chest is a drum
These are not lungs
But empty caverns.
This body is a galaxy.
Too large to fathom
I am an atom
With too much
Extra room
and too afraid
To roam.