When a White Woman loves a Black Man it is to control his success. 

Our passion is not a fetish. 

The only agenda I had 

in seducing a black man into my bed 

was to be fucked. 

And I was. 

The only agenda I had

In introducing a black man into my heart

Was to be loved. 

And I am. 


A happy accident

My sister’s think 

I don’t know what it means to be afraid. 

They say

they didn’t get the genes to make us brave. 

And I don’t know if i can explain
That I was just running away. 

I don’t want to let them down,

When I’ve finally made everyone proud. 

Open Communication

Love is supposed to be without condition. 

Or so they say. 

And we encourage each other,

To open locked doors. 

We think we would like share

The burden of what we suffocate. 

So when you offer me secrets,

Expecting my unconditional support. 

I must consider, 

What else may I not know? 

And I must always remember:

To add an additional lock to my own doors.

I will save you this burden,

Of ever considering the same of me. 

I offer you stability,

Even as you feed my doubt. 


I want to be feared

I want to be fierce. 

And they can’t hear

the size of my temper

Until it’s their ear 

pressed to my chest. 

I will not be timid

I will not be diffident. 

But they don’t hear

The size of my temper

Until it’s their ear

Pressed to my chest.