Mother – Daughter 

I say we raised each other,

Like that goes to say it all.

But there is pain in those words,

We still don’t talk about. 

We both know you did your best,

And I can’t wait

To be asked

To forgive the rest. 


Full Circle

You make hating myself easy. 

Because it’s so easy for you,

To turn me inside out.

I beat bruises into my thigh,
They are easier to justify.

Self harm doesn’t have to be scars. 

And these teeth clattering sobs,

This chest heaving,

Panic attack inducing breathing

Has started to spell out..


At the Check Out

There is a boy at the cash register 

Who thinks you will stumble over a smile,

While he laughs like the breeze,

But I am not an open window. 

And I am sure on my feet. 

These words are a pleasantry.

Not a spark or a conversation,

Over a 30 second transaction,

And my name isn’t “Hun”.