She said sometimes

we fight for everything but each other. 

Our battles and our demons 

start to look like the person in the mirror.

And it’s easiest to project them 

on the only person still laying near. 



I drank too much last night,

drinking in the attention

from my low neckline,

skin tight, red dress 

I wanted you to see me in. 

There were hands on my body, 

that belonged to men 

with no business touching me. 

Paying for drinks,

to see where it would end. 

I came home alone. 

But I only remember half of the night. 

I woke up alone,

the skin tight dress a heap on the floor,

and you are half way 

across the country,

returning to a wife that does not

deserve you. 

And I will be waiting to play house 

when you return to me. 


He texted to tell me 

He will love me for the rest His life. 

like He wants an apology

for a death sentence. 

Like this is a math equation 

that is bigger than me,

and I have no right

to go subtracting. 

One Goal in Mind

There was a married man

in my bed the day you left.

And I can hear his voice

in my ear

building up for weeks,

telling me everything 

I’ve been needing to hear. 

But his attentions ended,

where his intentions were set. 


You reminded me to lock the doors,

I guess to maintain the sanctity 

of a house that is no longer yours. 

We both know that I’ve never lived alone,

maybe I expected the world 

to feel bigger than it did before. 

Please Leave 

I know I broke you,

to keep myself whole. 

You ask me how I can be so cold,

self preservation 

is my only motivation. 

You left the closet bare,

and I’m sorry I found peace

when I asked you to leave.