Fairtale Romance

He says he believes in soul mates,

But he knows I am not this. 

And I cried when I asked him

To leave and find his. 

But I meant it. 
He told me I was being ridiculous. 

He calls me the love of his life. 

But those ideals don’t coincide. 

 And maybe I should be grateful,

For this brutal honesty,

But it tastes like settling. 

And I see myself through his eyes

Looking more like a pit 

He’s trapped in,

Than a partner to last with. 

He sees my temper 

As a separate entity 

Better off not a part of me.

Maybe if it was gone…



I want to take some of the blame. 

Like my passive agression 

Is as bad 

As your alcohol intake. 

But we can’t have a conversation

Long enough for me to make a point

Before you start yelling 

Saying I’m talking on some random shit. 

And I want to make you choose,

Between drinking 

And me. 

But I’ve always been runner up. 

And I know that won’t change,

And I can’t just leave. 

CO2 Poisoning

They say 

you will reep what you sew,

But what if

You breathe what you speak. 

And we’re all rotting on the inside,

Speaking words more toxic 

Than carbon dioxide. 

My mother used to tell me;

Hatred is a cancer in your gut,

But I feel it in my lungs. 

A happy accident

My sister’s think 

I don’t know what it means to be afraid. 

They say

they didn’t get the genes to make us brave. 

And I don’t know if i can explain
That I was just running away. 

I don’t want to let them down,

When I’ve finally made everyone proud. 

Open Communication

Love is supposed to be without condition. 

Or so they say. 

And we encourage each other,

To open locked doors. 

We think we would like share

The burden of what we suffocate. 

So when you offer me secrets,

Expecting my unconditional support. 

I must consider, 

What else may I not know? 

And I must always remember:

To add an additional lock to my own doors.

I will save you this burden,

Of ever considering the same of me. 

I offer you stability,

Even as you feed my doubt. 


I want to be feared

I want to be fierce. 

And they can’t hear

the size of my temper

Until it’s their ear 

pressed to my chest. 

I will not be timid

I will not be diffident. 

But they don’t hear

The size of my temper

Until it’s their ear

Pressed to my chest.